School Social Worker



    Melinda G. Willingham And Katherine Baird
    School Social Worker/Child and Family Team Leader
    Office and Voice Mail:  438-4000 ext. 39616
    School Social Workers are trained mental health professionals with a degree in social work who provide services related to students’ and family’s social, emotional, and life adjustment to school and/or society. School Social Workers are the link between the home, school and community in providing direct as well as indirect services to students, families, and school personnel to promote and support students’ academic and social success. School Social Workers assist schools to increase attendance, academic achievement, and the numbers of students who graduate. I have been a school social worker for 17 years and have served at the elementary, middle, and high school grade levels. 
    Why do today's schools need a School Social Worker?
    Children today are increasingly victims of many social forces that negatively affect their role as students. The family is in a state of change and until it becomes stabilized, children’s unmet physical and emotional needs will continue to interfere with their ability to learn and, ultimately, graduate from high school. School social workers are uniquely qualified to work with students who are economically disadvantaged, have poor attendance, and have special needs.
    School Social Workers get involved when students display:

    Poor attendance


    Failing grades


    Effects of family crisis


    Emotional and behavioral concerns such as fighting, negative attitude toward school, refusal to cooperate with adults, depression or substance abuse

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