• I am going to be posting a ton of motivational/inspirational videos on this website because I believe they are going to benefit you when you get to a place where you may become satisfied and content.  I always say that "motivation should come from within" and that "you should not need outside or external motivation".  However, if I were being 100% truthful then I would say that we all get to a place in our lives where we become satisfied or "not hungry" and that is where these videos come in to play.  I have hand picked each one of these videos for different reasons but most importantly because they are where I can turn to if I need a little extra motivation.  I hope that you will check these out and provide me with some feedback on your thoughts (things you liked or didn't like).  As I often times say "grind everyday".
    If you need inspiration and motivation you have got to check this out.  I saw this and instantly became pretty emotional.  I became emotional because we always talk about why we can't do something, myself included, instead of finding a way to get whatever it is done.  Arthur is a guy that did not listen to the critics telling him that he could not do something,  He did not take no for an answer and due to that he was able to transform his body and therefore transform his life!  This is one of the best inspirational/motivational videos that I have ever seen.
    This video is one of the very first motivational videos that I ever viewed.  It is one that I have saved and have probably viewed at least 100 times.  I think that this video can be applied to so many walks of life and not just sports.  I believe that the message that the speaker is trying to get across is that in order to be successful you have to work hard and accept the fact that it is not going to be easy.  You see the easy things to do are typically the normal things to do and often times are not going to get you noticed or set you apart from the rest.  You have to be willing to be abnormal/above average in everything you do on a daily basis.  Some examples of how this plays out in an average day of a teenage high school student:  Hold a door for someone, speak to someone that you normally wouldn't speak to, say thank you to a teacher for taking the time to teach you the tools necessary for a life outside of high school, shake people's hands (the lost action), contribute to class discussions, follow rules, etc.  If you play a sport, you should do all of these and then some because you are being looked at as a leader/inspiration to others no matter if you want to or not.  Athletes should put in extra time to master their craft whether it be an extra 100 jump shots, a couple of extra sprints, watching extra game film to find out how you can improve your play, doing an extra set or two in the weight room, etc.  Be different in everything that you do!
    *Wired differently - Designed Abnormally*   *Normal Actions = Normal Results Abnormal Actions = Abnormal Results*
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    I want to get some feedback on the videos that I have posted.  I need for you to let me know which video you are commenting on.  You can write anything that you want to in relation to the videos just keep it clean.  To submit a comment, click on the comments link below.
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