Broadview Middle School
    School Social Worker 


    Hello Bobcat Family,

    My name is Porscha Alston and I am the School Social Worker/Child and Family Team Leader at Broadview Middle School.

    As your School social worker, I serve as link between the home, school, and community. I work to ensure that all students remain in school and graduate, reach their fullest academic potential, and grow socially and emotionally. I also help by removing barriers that interfere with student's performance.

    Students may be referred for problems and concerns that affect their academic achievement and social-emotional wellbeing. Parents, legal guardians, school personnel or others familiar with the student may refer to the school social worker; or a student may refer themselves.

    Feel free to contact me at  336-570-6195 or via email at porscha_alston@abss.k12.nc.us.

    Social Work Services

    Community Resources

    Access to basic necessities

    Child Family Team Leader

    Individual/Group Counseling

    Monitor Attendance

    Home Visits

    Family Advocates

    Mental Health Liason

    McKinney Vento Liason

    Handle With Care Representative


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