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    My name is Anquinarta Lee and I grew up in a small town called, Windsor, NC. I am the middle child, with three brothers and one sister. I attended Winston Salem State University and earned my Bachelor's Degree in Psychology. I also met some wonderful individuals who I still keep in contact with to this day! After graduating from Winston Salem State University, I attended UNC- Pembroke to earn my Master's Degree in School Counseling. As a lover of education, it is my goal to pursue another Master's degree that will help me enrich the lives of my students even more. I love working with middle school students and helping them prosper at this time in their lives. 
    Other things to know about me.......
    I love traveling, attending car shows, food (chocolate is my fav), and shopping!!!!!
     Who Do I Serve?
    I serve 7th and split 8th grade students with Ms. Lombard!
    Contact Me!
    Phone: #336#-570-6150
    Fax: #336# 570-6210 
    Office Hours: 7:45-3:45 M-F.  



    Study Skills for Students!!!!!!!!!

    ü SET UP A SCHEDULE. For classes that are harder, make sure you give yourself more time to study or do homework. Also make time for recreation and social activities.


    ü START STUDYING FOR 15 MINUTES AT A TIME AND THEN BUILD UP TO LONGER PERIODS OF TIME. Start reading/studying for 10-15 minutes.  Then build on that by 10 minutes once you become comfortable studying for at least an hour at a time. 

      TAKE BREAKS. Take breaks when studying.  Do not attempt to cram!  Study small portions of material, take a break and then study some more.  You will retain more information when you break it down into smaller portions that you can manage.  You do not want to get burned out.

    REWARD YOURSELF. Reward yourself for studying, learning a difficult topic, or completing a project.  Go to a movie, spend time with your friends, or do the things you put off in order to study

      FIND A GOOD LOCATION. Where you study can determine how much concentrate.  Make sure the place is quiet and comfortable, but not too comfortable.  Sitting at a desk or table is best.  Avoid lying across the bed.

     ELIMINATE THE OBVIOUS DISTRACTIONS. Talking on the telephone is a major distraction when you are trying to study.  Other distractions that you should look out for are the radio, TV, video games, family talking around your study area.  Once you get rid of, as many distractions as you can you will improve you study skills.

     EMOTIONAL MOODS. Try studying in a similar emotional mood you have during a test. When you are too relaxed during studying it does not match the same level of emotions as when testing.  If you are too psyched-up or tensed during your test, you will not be able to remember what you studied.  This is why it is important that you learn to calm yourself down during tests.