• Among the Hidden

    Among the Hidden

    by Margaret Peterson Haddix Year Published: fiction
    Against the law to have three children???? Find out what happens when families break the rules. This is an amazing series that will have you hooked on reading them all.
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  • Cracker! The Best Dog in Vietnam

    Cracker! The Best Dog in Vietnam

    by Cynthia Kadohata Year Published: historical fiction

    During the Vietnam War, Willie and his family move into a small apartment in Chicago after Willie's father loses his job. Because the apartment does not allow dogs, Willie's family is forced to give up Willie's beloved German shepherd, Cracker, to the Army. Cracker is transferred to an Army base where she becomes angry, sad and aggressive because she is no longer with Willie.

    Rick Hanski is a 17-year-old who is determined to conquer the world when he enlists in the Army. Rick is assigned a position as a dog handler and is matched with Cracker. Will they make a good team?

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  •  Forged By Fire

    Forged by Fire

    by Sharon Draper Year Published: realistic fiction
    This book is realistic fiction and does have a focus of a child being abused, but it is a book you won't want to put down. It has appeared repeatedly on the Middle School North Carolina Battle of the Books list.
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  • Legend


    by Marie Lu Year Published: fiction
    A book that keeps you turning the pages! When you finish...you will be in the same boat I am in...wanting to read the sequel.
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  • Out of the Dust

    Out of the Dust

    by Karen Hesse Year Published: historical fiction
    Love or hate poetry? This book will have you loving poetry. The narrative verse will keep you turning the pages. You will have it read in no time and learn about the Dust Bowl at the same time.
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  • Petey


    by Ben Mikaelson Year Published: realistic fiction
    Heart strings again! Imagine not being able to do things you do everyday. Walk in someone else's shoes who is not as fortunate as you and me.
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  • The Mysterious Benedict Society

    The Mysterious Benedict Society

    by Trenton Lee Stewert Year Published: fiction
    Love a good mystery? Try this series. Don't let the size of the book turn you away. It is worth your time to read.
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  • The Underneath

    The Underneath

    by Kathi Appelt Year Published: fiction
    There is nothing lonelier than a cat who has been loved, at least for a while, and then abandoned on the side of the road.
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  • Touching Spirit Bear

    Touching Spirit Bear

    by Ben Mikaelson Year Published:
    Forgiving and acceptance--two concepts that can be difficult for young adolescents. Follow the main character as he faces challenges.
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  • Under a War-Torn Sky

    Under a War-Torn Sky

    by Laura Elliott Year Published:
    There are lots of good reads related to WWII. This book is about what happens to a pilot who is shot down during the war. It's an excellent book.
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