• General Mentor Information:
    A mentor is assigned to support each teacher during his/her first three years of teaching.   Mentor support is an integral component of the Beginning Teacher Support Program. 
    Mentors are expected to maintain a monthly mentor log, which is submitted to the school designee (AP, lead mentor, secretary) at the end of month.  At a minimum, mentors should meet with their mentee at least once a week and record the focus of their meeting on the mentor log.  Mentor logs are then forwarded to the Director of Teacher Recruitment and Induction and maintained in the beginning teacher's BT File. 
    During 2017-2018, mentors of BT1s and BT2s will receive a $40  monthly stipend for serving as a mentor.  Mentor pay begins in September and ends in June.  ***For mentors working with more than one BT1 or BT2, only one $40 stipend is paid each month. 

    If you have any questions, please contact:


    Dean Richardson

    Director of Teacher Recruitment and Induction

    Phone:  336-438-4000 ext. 20048

    Email:  james_richardson@abss.k12.nc.us