General Mentor Information

  • Maintaining a supportive and nurturing environment is KEY to the recruitment and retention of beginning teachers. State Board Policy, TCED-016, ensures that each beginning teacher is guaranteed the support of a mentor trained on the North Carolina Mentor Standards during the crucial first years.
    There are five main Standards that align with the North Carolina Educators Evaluation Standards to assist mentors in their professional support for beginning teachers.
    This handbook contains an explanation of the 5 North Carolina Mentor Standards and the Mentor Continuum. Each Standard is broken down into elements with examples of support to be provided. The Self Assessment can be utilized for mentor reflection and growth tool.

    Mentor Training

    Mentor training will be available for prospective mentors using an online module-based program provided by the North Carolina Educator Effectiveness System (NCEES).
    Teachers will use their NCEdCloud account to access the training module. When the applications appear, click on the "NCEES" icon. Once the evaluation instrument opens, click on the “Professional Development” tab in order to see a window of learning opportunities. Under "Course Search", search for either "#35 21st Century Mentoring" for initial training or "#7463 Coaching to Lead" for refresher training. Training directions will appear once you start the module. Training modules are free and self-paced. You do not have to complete the training in one sitting.

    Learning Goal and Objectives

    The objective of this module is to prepare mentors to support beginning teachers in North Carolina Professional Teaching Standards growth and development.

    The goal of this training module is to provide ABSS beginning teacher mentors with the resources, knowledge, and skills necessary to support beginning teachers in their first, second, and third years of teaching.

    To receive a Certificate of Completion for the module, please read all content, view the videos, and complete all activities. Once all content has been read and activities completed you will be able to access the certificate. After completing the course, please print a copy of the Certificate of Completion for your records. Submit a copy of the certificate to Dean Richardson in the ABSS Human Resources office.  This can be sent via email, fax, or ABSS mail courier to the contact information listed below.

Mentor Forms and Information

  • NC Mentor Standards
  • New Mentor Handbook
  • Calendar of needs and concerns of novice teachers
  • Mentor Timeline of Suggested Activities
  • Interested in being a mentor?