• General Lead Mentor Information:
    A lead mentor is assigned at each school by the principal.  The lead mentor facilitates the school-level support program for beginning teachers and mentors.  Please refer to the ABSS Lead Mentor Role for a detailed description of lead mentor roles and responsibilities.

    Lead mentors are compensated based on the number of BT1s and BT2s at the school.  Information regarding the monthly stipend for lead mentors will be sent to lead mentors in September.  Lead mentor pay will begin in October (for work completed in August and September) and end in May (for work completed in April and May/June).
    The Beginning Teacher Support Program would like to recognize our Lead Mentors for their leadership. These teachers collaborate frequently with mentors and beginning teachers to provide support needed as we focus on powerful teaching and learning. Our lead mentors plan and facilitate professional development meetings at their schools which cover a range of topics including classroom management, parent conferences, peer observations and reflective practices. We appreciate their willingness to empower our beginning teachers to be change agents in their classrooms, schools and beyond!

    If you have any questions, please contact:


    Dean Richardson

    Director of Teacher Recruitment and Induction

    Phone:  336-438-4000 ext. 20048

    Email:  james_richardson@abss.k12.nc.us