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    2020-2021 Team Supply List: Carney, Owens, & Vernon 

    Special Note for 2020-21: In the list below we will designate the items kids will need when they return to a face-to-face class. If possible, buying the items during the “Back to School” sales will save families on the cost. We will use the code F2F for these items.

    ****  NO Trapper Keepers or accordion folders, please ****

    Supplies for all team classes📋

    • inexpensive pair of earbuds 
    • loose-leaf paper
    • pencils 
    • a sturdy plastic 2 pocket folder (no prongs folder is best)  [F2F  homework folder]
    • colored pencils 24 count (not markers)
    • a pencil pouch (NOT a pencil box) [F2F]
    • highlighters
    • scissors 
    • glue sticks (replenish through the year)
    • a personal pencil sharpener, no electric/battery [F2F]
    • 1 black permanent marker (like a Sharpie®)
    • facial tissue, one or more boxes [F2F]
    • pens for checking work (blue or red, no black)

    Reminder: Health guidelines will likely not allow for “community use items” like loaner containers of scissors, glue sticks, and handheld pencil sharpeners

    For Language Arts📚

    • a 1 ½  inch binder
    • page protectors

    For Math📐

    • 1 ½ Heavy Duty 3 ring binder (clear cover/view binder)
    • 5 Big Tabs Write & Erase Dividers (1 set)
    • 1 Marble Composition Notebook
    • Sheet/Page Protectors (25 count)
    • (Required) TI 34 Multiview scientific calculator. Students need their own calculator to use daily in class and at homework. They can use their calculator on NC Check-In and EOG Tests.

    For Science/Social Studies🔭🌎

    • a 2-inch binder [F2F]
    • a set of subject dividers [F2F]
    • a ream of unlined copy paper (if we were face to face we could provide at school, but since we are not …)

    Educational Wish List - Thanks in advance for any & all

    Extra boxes of tissues, Band-aids, pencils (for PBIS incentive program), white or colored cardstock, hand sanitizer, paper towels, Ziploc-type bags (various sizes), gift cards to Amazon, Hobby Lobby or Michaels  for purchase of class art project items