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    *** A dedicated website has been established By National Board to serve as a clearinghouse for information and resources during COVID-19. Be sure to check it regularly (https://www.nbpts.org/covid-19/). National Board also is hosting a webinar series to support teachers during this time. Free registration is required; registration links can be found under the Professional Development section below.


         ABSS is proud to have 184 National Board Certified Teachers. National Board Certification, offered by the National Board For Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS), is a way to recognize the accomplished teaching that is occurring in North Carolina's classrooms. The certification process is based on high and rigorous a standards that evaluate teaching practice through performance-based assessments. To learn more, please visit ncpublicschools.org/nationalboardcertification or download the Guide to National Board Certification.

         Teachers who have participated in National Board Certification have overwhelmingly stated it is the most powerful professional development experience of their careers. They say the experience changes them as professionals and that through the process they deepen their content knowledge and develop, master, and reflect on new approaches to working with their students.


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    Procedures and Requirements to Apply for National Board Certification

    This information and the sites referenced below are updated periodically as more information about the National Board certification process becomes available. To learn more information, follow the steps below:

    1. Review all information on the National Board website.
    2. Review the Guide to National Board Certification.
    3. Review the Component 1 At-a-Glance and Component 2 At-a-Glance documents in the Candidate Info section.
    4. Meet all National Board Eligibility Requirements at the time of application, including the completion of at least three years of teaching, school counseling, or working in the media center.
    5. Review the NC eligibility for NBPTS Pay Differential.
    6. Review the NC eligibility criteria for state loan funding.
    7. Apply directly to National Board at using the National Board Certification Online Application. This includes paying the $75 annual processing charge. *Note: You must check “yes” to releasing information to a third party on the NB application. The third parties are the State (for loan funding), WCS (for renewal credits and salary increase) and NCCAT.
    8. If you are applying for state funding, complete the  North Carolina National Board state loan funding application on or before the deadline (December 31). If you are eligible for State loan funding, do not pay anything except the $75 processing charge to National Board—you will not be reimbursed. Please note that loan funding is limited.
    9. Complete and send to Dean Richardson in Human Resources the ABSS National Board Candidate Information form. This form is needed so you can receive information regarding support sessions.
    10. Note: You may complete components in any order but you should only order components you are ready to complete. You may take up to 3 years to complete all of the certification requirements. Once you order a component, you must complete it by the submission deadline.


     For further information or assistance with National Board Certification, please contact:

    Dean Richardson, Director of Teacher Recruitment & Induction



  • National Board Certification Professional Development






    The National Board hosted a webinar series to support teachers during the COVID-19. Resources from the webinars are linked below: 


    Equity Belongs in Every Classroom (Resources)

    Kicking off your National Board Certification- Get a Summer Start

    Why National Board Certification?

    What it means to be news-literate: the skills students need to be reliably informed (Resources)

    An Inquiry in Equity- Systemic Improvement (Resources)

    An Inquiry in Equity- Educator Actions (Resources)

    Monday Moxie - Fuel Your Teacher Leadership (Resources)

    An Inquiry in Equity- Belief Framework (Resources)

    The Voice of the Future - students speak about pandemic learning (Resources)

    The Reading-Writing Connection with Jen Jones (Resources)

    Strategies for Healthy Emotion Regulation During Uncertain Times with Marc Brackett (Resources)

    The Art & Science of Creating Unforgettable Learning Experiences with Steve Spangler (Resources)

    Engage and Support Parents - Be a Learning Hero! (Resources)

    Tools to Help Students Manage Their Digital Wellbeing (Resources)

    Mapping the Milestones - A Road Map to a Transition to Summer (Resources)

    Re-set, Re-charge, and Refresh - It's time to recharge your battery! (Resources)

    The Foundation of Teaching Core Connections (Resources)

    Engaging Reluctant Students (Resources)

    Experiential Learning Done Virtually (Resources)

    What about Writing? (Resources)

    Learning Keeps Going (Resources)

    Art Integration - Hands-on Help for Supporting Student Learning with Art (Resources)

    Remote-Learning During Coronavirus: Use of Public TV (Resources)

    Apps, Apps and More Apps for Learning and Review (Resources)

    Support Student Learning with Music- Yes, You Can! (Resources)

    Engaging Middle Level Students (Resources)

    Engaging Early Adolescence and AYA Students Virtually (11-18)(Resources)

    Cultivating Resiliency in Community During Crisis (Resources)

    Engaging Early Childhood Students Virtually (ages 3-8) (Resources)

    ATLAS 4 Candidates (Resources)

    Taping Virtual Lessons: Review of Guidance and Tips (Resources)

    Tech Tips for Cyber Safety (Resources)

    SEL - Caring connections in Cyberspace (Resources)

    Self Care: Mindful Meditation (Resources)

    Update for Candidates (Resources)

    Students with special needs (Resources)

    Using Class Dojo (Resources)

    Building Community with Educators (Resources)

    Update for Candidates (Resources)

    Building Community with Students (Resources)

    Student Engagement (Resources)

    Using Flipgrid (Resources)

    Update for National Board Candidates (Resources)

    Let's Take it Offline (Resources)

    Using Google Classroom (Resources)

    Zoom for Virtual Teaching (Resources)

    National Board webinar (Resources)




    4/7/20 - Update for NBPTS Candidates (Initial & Renewal)

    4/1/20 - Update for Candidates Pursuing National Boards

    4/1/20 - Update for National Board Renewal Candidates

    3/30/20 - Update for Candidates Pursuing National Boards

    3/30/20 - Update for National Board Renewal Candidates

    3/30/20 - Clarification on Portfolio Submission Requirements & Forms due to COVID-19

    3/23/20 - Candidate Communication

    3/12/20 - Candidate Communication


    Is National Board looking into accommodations for candidates or changes to deadlines?

    • The National Board remains committed to providing you with updated information about the plans we are making to respond to the impact COVID-19 may be having on your candidate journey.
    • We know there are a lot of questions about the process and deadlines, and that the situations are rapidly changing and look different in different parts of the country.
    • We are currently developing a comprehensive plan and will keep you informed throughout that process. Our planning is aiming to ensure equitable opportunities for all teachers pursuing Board certification and Renewal.
    • On March 23, National Board will issue another update.
    • In the meantime, you can use one of the other support channels if you have questions about your candidacy (see below).


    Where can people go for updated information?

    Official updates from the National Board will be communicated via email and on NBPTS's website’s Newsroom, Facebook and Twitter social media channels and on NBPTS's dedicated COVID-19 update page.


    Where can candidates who have questions about their Component One testing (e.g., scheduled date, testing center) or about any other aspects of their candidacy check for information?

    • If you have questions about Component One testing, please go to the VUE customer support page https://home.pearsonvue.com/nbpts which includes information about how the COVID-19 risk is being addressed at testing sites generally and in your area. 
    • All other questions should be addressed to NB customer support via the webform at https://www.nbpts.org/contact-us/ or call us at 1-800-22-TEACH. As a reminder, official decisions by the National Board regarding COVID-19 will be shared via email and also on our website’s Newsroom, Facebook and Twitter social media channels.