• English I

  • Students should enter ninth grade with a foundation in fiction, drama, poetry, mythology, and literary nonfiction. In addition, they will have begun to analyze literature from various angles, to view literature in historical context, and to observe connections between literature and the arts. The ninth-grade course is an overview of excellent literature across the major forms and genres (short story, novel, poetry, drama, epic poetry, and nonfiction).

    The English I Scope and Sequence includes a conceptual theme, description, and standards that are expected to be taught. The units can be taught in any order according to the teacher's preference; however, it is suggested that the short story unit be taught before the novel unit so students can apply the literary elements learned in the short story unit to the novel unit.

    Each unit focuses on a genre and a related theme; however, each unit also incorporates various genres and informational text that relate to the conceptual theme of the unit. There is also a suggested focused evidence based writing assignment, although each unit lends itself to argumentative, informational, and narrative writing.

    By the end of ninth grade, students are prepared for focused literary study: world literature in tenth grade, American literature in eleventh grade, and European literature in twelfth grade.