Our Mission
    Drop Out Prevention Specialists empowers all students with the knowledge and skills to create their own futures; to become passionate, lifelong learners; and to contribute cooperatively to a diverse and changing world.
    The Alamance-Burlington School System proposes to utilize existing policies and programs to the fullest extent possible in preventing students from dropping out. It is also the intention of the school system to incorporate new strategies as they are presented and to develop innovative techniques to encourage Alamance Burlington School System students to remain in school until graduation requirements are completed.
    Roles and Responsibilities of a Drop Prevention Specialist
    • Advise and support building level teams for the purpose of successfully implementing dropout prevention and recovery strategies for students.
    • Assist in the development of an intervention plan for each identified student for the purpose of ensuring students’ success in meeting graduation requirements.
    • Collaborate with other district and building level personnel and administration for the purpose of serving as a liaison and resource to facilitate the growth and development of dropout prevention and recovery support.
    • Contact all students within ten days of dropping out and again 30 to 45 days later for the purpose of offering re-engagement opportunities to students.
    • Establish and maintain communication links with community agencies that serve homeless, neglected delinquent and disengaged students for the purpose of re-engaging affected students.
    • Facilitate positive, appropriate, and healthy connections between students and adults within the school setting and the community for the purpose of providing a smooth transition into re-engagement services and maintaining open communication during services.
    • Lead students to existing credit recovery programs for the purpose of helping students meet credit requirements for graduation.
    • Research present best practice in dropout prevention and recovery strategies for the purpose of re-engaging student dropouts.
    • Serve as a bridge to connect students, parents, and teachers to a building level advocate for the purpose of monitoring and communicating student progress.
    •  Work with students, staff, parents and guardians for the purpose of evaluating situations, solving problems, resolving conflicts, referring to appropriate professionals, and enhancing student success in school.

    Who is a dropout?


    Identifying a potential dropout