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    ABSS CTE has a large advisory committee we call the CTE Program Partnership. In the past, this group of teachers, local business and industry leaders, administrators, students and parents have met twice a year. However, the new steering committee for ABSS CTE (the CTE Business Advisory Council) met on June 8, 2018 and agreed upon a new format. The plan for future ABSS CTE advisory meetings is to meet with the CTE Program Partnership each Fall and with the CTE Business Advisory Council each Spring. We are always seeking additional members to be part of our CTE Program Partnership.
    The purpose of an advisory committee is to help align our Career and Technical Education program with the needs of employers in the community by ensuring our programs teach the most up-to-date skills required to prepare students for their post-secondary options An advisory committee is essential to CTE programs because local business and industry leaders have firsthand knowledge concerning current business trends, technological demands, and employment expectations. 
    CTE programs based on current occupational skills facilitate the transition of students from school to work.  In addition, the advisory committee can assist in making the best use of resources by being responsive to social, economic, and cultural changes.  
    If you would like to participate in one of our CTE Program Partnership meetings, please sign up at the link below:
    Click here to see minutes from our Business Advisory Council June 2021 meeting:
    CTE Business Advisory Council Attendance June 2021
    Click here to see minutes from our March 2021 Partnership meeting:

    Thank you to our Business Advisory Council Chair
                   S. Goldman                     
                                         Susana Goldman                                        
                                 Director Alamance Public Libraries                              

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    Are you interested in hosting a job shadowing student?  
    What is Job Shadowing?  Job shadowing is when students learn about a job by walking through the work day following a worker in a field the student is interested in. The job shadowing experience is a one day (4 hour or more), unpaid exposure to the workplace. Students are able to witness firsthand the work environment and occupational skills needed to be successful. They are also able to ask questions regarding professional training and education needed for this career and potential career options in the field. Job shadowing is designed to increase career awareness and reinforce the link between classroom learning and work requirements.
    Please sign up at the link below:

     Click here to host a Job Shadowing Student

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