• Frequently Asked Questions

     Q: What does behavior management look like in our classroom?
    Students earn points based upon daily behavior. In most cases, students earn one point for a positive behavior and lose one point for a negative behavior. The greatest emphasis is placed upon positive behavior and making good choices.  Opportunities to move "up" and earn points require behaviors of helping others, participating, and working diligently, for example. Students lose points and move "down" by being off-task, unprepared, etc. Students will be responsible for bringing home a daily report of their color of the day. Parents/guardians should sign nightly (located in STAR books) and return the following school day. Please understand that I view each day as a fresh start for your child. 
    Students begin each day on GREEN (Ready to Learn), and have opportunities to move up to BLUE (Good Day), PURPLE (Great Day), or PINK (Outstanding) OR move down to YELLOW (Think About It), ORANGE (Teacher's Choice), or RED (Parent Contact) based upon their own choices and point values.
    Points will be added up at the end of the week on an individual basis. Students who have earned at least a 90% positive behavior score on Class Dojo will visit the Treasure Box on Friday. We will utilize Class Dojo to keep track of points in the classroom.
    Q: What is the best way to get in contact with Mrs. Mac?
    Please feel free to contact me via email (stephanie_mccabe@abss.k12.nc.us) with questions or concerns. I will respond to email before and after school (until 4:00 pm). I can also be reached via Class Dojo messenger. If you need to get in touch with me during the day, please contact the office and I will be notified. I am more than happy to meet with you during the school year to discuss your child's progress. These meetings must be scheduled in advance by email, phone, or STAR book note.
    Q: What is a STAR Book?
    STAR stands for Students Taking Active Responsibility. STAR Books are a way to transport notes, homework, and important papers that are sent home daily, as well as communicate behavior. Using STAR Books helps maintain an effective communication between home and school, as well as eliminate lost papers and messy backpacks. It is extremely important for young children to learn and exhibit responsibility and organizational skills in school and every day life.
    Q: What's in a STAR Book?
    • Homework: Beginning in September, your child will be responsible for completing a weekly homework packet. I will put the packet in STAR books on Monday. Your child may choose to complete one sheet a night or complete work ahead of time. Either is fine, but please return the homework sheet the day it is due. Nightly reading will also become part of homework. Please document this on the reading log.
    • Pencil Pouch
      : Please send money (lunch money, field trip money, etc) in the pencil pouch. This is a safe way to ensure all money makes it to the classroom. Please label all money with your child's name and purpose.
    • Newsletter: You will receive a weekly newsletter filled with important reminders, dates, and what we're learning.
    • Class Calendar: This is where you should look for your child's snack day assignment. Important dates may arise during the month. Please check the newsletter for additional dates to add to our class calendar.
    • Behavior Calendar: Your child will receive a color for the day, which corresponds to the Class Dojo points earned. Please initial your child's behavior calendar every night.
    • Important Notes: The STAR book is another way we can communicate. All transportation changes MUST be in writing. I cannot take your child's word. Please check for important papers and/or notes every night.
    Q: What is the procedure for a change in transportation?
    A written note is required if a child's transportation changes. Please send these notes via your child's STAR Book. Otherwise, children will be sent home via their normal method of transportation. 
    Q: Can I eat lunch with my child?
    Our lunch is from 11:35-12:00pm. Parents, grandparents, and/or special friends are welcome to join us for lunch occasionally. You must sign-in in the office and please plan to meet us in the cafeteria
    Q: What field trips will my child attend?
    In kindergarten, we visit Marbles Kids Museum (Raleigh) in November, Lazy 5 Ranch (Mooresville) in April, and Cedarock Park (Burlington) in June. In 1st grade, we visit Iseley Farms (Burlington) in October and The Museum of Natural Sciences (Raleigh) in May. We purchase field trip t-shirts and keep these in the classroom until the end of the year. We welcome chaperones on trips, unless otherwise noted. If you plan to attend, you will be responsible for your child and 2-3 other children in your group. You must complete an online background check to chaperone a field trip. Click here to access the ABSS online background check. This will remain active for two years after completion.
    Q: What is a combination class?
    While kindergartners and 1st graders will share the same classroom, please be assured that every lesson will be differentiated for the two grade levels, meaning that the work will be appropriate for your child. Most of our day will be small-group based, so that I can individualize the work for the two grade levels. An instructional assistant will also meet with small groups to deliver quality instruction. Your child will always be engaged in rigorous and developmentally appropriate work, never serving as a "tutor" to another student. Your child will be encouraged to reach his/her greatest potential every day!