Important Documents and Information

Shared Housing Affidavits

  • 1. Complete the affidavit form (linked below), print, and have notarized
    2. Upload notarized affidavit along with:
         a. Lease agreement or mortgage
         b. Two current utilities in the resident provider's name
         c. Documentation verifying that the parent's previous residence has been vacated.

    Please contact to request a mailed Shared Housing Affidavit or to schedule an appointment.

    Both the "Property Provider" AND the "Parent or Legal Guardian" forms must be notarized and submitted together.


    Shared Housing Affidavit 2021-2022 (English)

    Shared Housing Affidavit 2021-2022 (Spanish)

Continuations (Request must be made within 15 days of the change in domicile)

  • In the event of a change of domicile, the parent/legal custodian may elect for the student to remain/continue in the school of enrollment for the remainder of the school year, as long as the parent/legal custodian provides transportation. Notification of the change in the student's domicile must be reported within fifteen calendar days to the Office of Student Assignment.  

    1. Complete the form linked below

    2. Upload the continuation form along with documents verifying the change in domicile (rental agreement, lease, or mortgage)

    Contact to request a mailed Continuation Form or to schedule an appointment.

    Student Continuation Request

    Solicitud de continuación del estudiante 

Important Documents

    *Affidavits must be notarized with the parent/legal guardian and the resident provider present.