Welcome to the Athletic Program at Alamance Burlington School System! You are about to join a program that has a long history of achievement and excellence.  Many athletes who have preceded you have provided ABSS with a reputation that is highly regarded in high school athletics.  We hope your involvement in this program will provide you with many rewarding and worthwhile experiences and that perhaps you too can make a contribution that will further enhance the reputation of ABSS and its athletic program.


    The Interscholastic Athletic Program of the Alamance Burlington School System is an integral part of the total school program, and as such is designed to help our students become better school, community, state and national citizens.


    While the academic area is the primary focus of our school system, we believe participation in an athletic program affords opportunities, training and experiences not ordinarily available in the regular curriculum.  Education should not only provide for the many, but should also furnish a demanding test for the limited numbers who are gifted physically and who are ambitious to excel.




    We envision a school system that offers an extracurricular program for its students that is considered a model for all other districts in North Carolina.  Our expectation for the extracurricular activities program is that it will match the expectations the ABSS system has for its academic program.  Our vision is that the extracurricular activities will be considered an asset to the academic mission of the schools and will enhance all aspects of school live.  We envision a program that offers quality facilities that are student and people friendly and quality coaching for its administration.  Ultimately, we envision an extracurricular program that all of its participants, students, parents, coaches and administrators, can be proud of and one that promotes lifelong personal and community wellness and contributing, productive citizens.




    Participation in extracurricular activities, including athletics, is a privilege, not a right.  The Alamance-Burlington School System Board of Education expects all students who represent their school though participation in extracurricular activities to be good representatives of their school community.  Students should dress, act and conduct themselves in a way that reflects positively on their school.  Each student is expected to display good citizenship at all times.  Taunting is expressly prohibited.  Taunting includes actions or comments, which are intended to bait, anger, embarrass, ridicule or demean others whether or not deeds or words are vulgar or racist.  Any student who violates the ABSS Code of Ethics may have the privilege of participation limited or revoked.





    WHEREAS, we believe that athletics can be a valuable asset in the preparation of students for life skills needed for years to come.

    THEREFORE, we will offer a well-rounded athletic opportunity for the students in ABSS.


    WHEREAS, we believe that athletics can be an incentive for academic enhancement rather than in conflict with the goals of the total school program.

    THEREFORE, we will offer an athletic program that will be an integral part of the high school program stressing the goals and objectives of our total program.


    WHEREAS, studies show that academic performance, attendance, drop out rates, and disciplinary performance is enhanced by athletic participation.

    THEREFORE, we will encourage all students who are interested in any phase of athletics to get involved in our program in ABSS.


    WHEREAS, the successes and disappointments experienced in athletic competition can provide many teachable moments.

    THEREFORE, we will use these moments to relate these experiences to ways of dealing with the joys and heartbreaking situations in later life experiences.


    WHEREAS, we believe that the physical, social, ethical, and mental development of the well-rounded student is the primary goal of our total program.

    THEREFORE, we will offer an athletic program that will enhance all areas of a student/athlete’s development.


    WHEREAS, we believe that a major goal of the total high school program should be directed toward making those years valuable, fun-filled, and a “once in a lifetime” experience.

    THEREFORE, we will encourage student/athletes to participate in as many different activities as they desire without limiting themselves to one area of specialization.


    WHEREAS, businesses throughout our nation are spending large sums of money teaching and stressing the value of “team building skills” within the work place.

    THEREFORE, we will constantly stress the “team concept” throughout the Alamance Burlington School System Athletic Program


    To offer a program that will bring pride and tradition to our school, our community and to all participants.


    To offer a program that will enhance the school spirit of our present students as well as continue the excitement within the alumni of our school and our community followers.


    To offer a program that contributes to the goals and objectives of the total school program.


    To offer a well-rounded program realizing that all athletic activities are equally important to the members of each and every team.


    To offer student/athletes a program that encourages them to participate in as many different programs as they desire without specializing in one activity.


    To keep the student/athletes enjoyment, as the major focus in all athletic activities.


    To provide coaches who have a sincere interest in the total development of the student/athlete and not solely his/her athletic performance.


    To offer our student/athletes the opportunity to learn by experiences the roles that individuals play in the “team concept.”


    To teach our student/athletes the learning opportunity that exists, in both winning and losing outcomes, and to teach them how to deal with the successes and disappointments that they will experience in life situations.