• I am honored and excited to be the Naval Science Instructor at Western Alamance High School.
    For the parents of students enrolled in Navy Junior ROTC (NJROTC) at Western Alamance High School, I just wanted to take a little time to explain the NJROTC program and thank you for entrusting me with a portion of the education and development of your son or daughter.
    Navy Junior ROTC at WAHS
    Navy Junior ROTC is a leadership and character development program that promotes patriotism and responsible citizenship.  Although much of the curriculum is centered around the Navy Core Values: Honor, Courage and Commitment, students do not need to be interested in joining the military.  Many of our students have no interest in a military career and instead want to be doctors or lawyers or even racecar drivers.  The intent is for students in NJROTC to gain discipline, manners, organizational skills, focus, attention to detail and teamwork through some of the structured training that the military provides.
    If your son or daughter is looking for the opportunity to be more active in high school, there are a number of competitive activities which they can be involved in through NJROTC which include:  Color Guard, Drill Team, Marksmanship, Physical Fitness, Academic, Orienteering and Robotics Teams.  Additionally, there are field trips, school activities and community service activities. 
    Through these activities, military training techniques, and student centered instruction, we instill discipline, personal integrity and confidence.  The NJROTC cadets at WAHS form a small learning community, which promotes positive peer pressure and allows new students to quickly make friends.  We have a cross section of students that represent the talent and diversity of WAHS.  Many of our students also participate in athletic teams, band, drama and the numerous other extra-curricular activities available at WAHS.
    NJROTC is NOT a military recruiting program.  A majority of the students that participate in NJROTC will NOT join the military after high school.  There is NO military requirement after high school and no requirement to continue to take a NJROTC course from one semester to the next. 
    Additional Info 

    NJROTC is a program that gives many students an opportunity to participate in a positive way and represent their high school in the community and in competitions.  I want to express my sincere gratitude for your interest in your son or daughters JROTC involvement and hope that I have answered many of the questions that you have about the program.  If you have any concerns or questions please email me at dirk_butler@abss.k12.nc.us.  I am available for issues involving the safety and well-being of your son or daughter.

    Dirk Butler
    MCPO      USN(ret)
    Naval Science Instructor
    Western Alamance High School