Conducting Research in Alamance-Burlington Schools

  • The Alamance-Burlington School System welcomes periodic cooperation with individuals and agencies wishing to conduct research in the school system insofar as the proposed research is likely to result in improved services to students without detracting from the educational mission of the school.
    Prior to beginning any proposed research and/or survey of students or staff members in the district, researchers must:
    1. Familiarize themselves with ABSS Board Policy 4720 (Student Surveys) and 5230 (Research Projects).
    2. Complete the Application for Permission to Conduct Research.
    3. Receive a signed letter of approval from the Alamance-Burlington School System and comply with each of its provisions.

    Research requests will be reviewed on the last Friday of each month.

    Research requests will not be approved after September 15 for the fall semester or February 15 for the spring semester.

    Please note: Alamance-Burlington School System receives a large number of research requests. Approval is not guaranteed, even when the proposal complies with ABSS Board Policies 4720 and/or 5230.

    Please allow sufficient lead time for approval. Many projects require Board approval, and most require significant groundwork during the approval process in order to ensure policy compliance and a good match between the researcher's project and appropriate research site and subjects.

    Please contact if you have additional questions or need to provide additional documentation.

    (updated 03.16.2021)

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