• Frequently Asked Questions about Navy Junior ROTC


    1.  What is the cost and who pays for the uniforms?


    Uniforms costs are provided by the Navy.  There is no cost to the student for any uniform items except for items that need to be replaced due to loss or intentionally damage.


    2.  What is the military requirement if I take NJROTC?


    The answer is none. Unlike college ROTC the Junior ROTC IS NOT a program designed to produce service personnel. The program is focused on developing good character and leadership using a military model.  To be in NJROTC a desire to be in the military after high school is optional. Most NJROTC students will not join the military after high school or college.

    3.  Can I join NJROTC if and still play football?  be in band?  be on the drama team?
    Yes.  I encourage cadets to be active in multiple activities throughout their High School career.  
    4.  What teams are available through NJROTC?
    Currently NJROTC at WAHS participates in Drill, Color Guard, Marksmanship, Robotics, Physical Fitness, Academic and Orienteering Teams. 
    5.  How are leadership positions determined?
    Cadets get promoted in rank based on good behavior, good grades, participation in NJROTC activities and for displaying leadership.  Leadership opportunities abound in NJROTC and they are performance driven not election driven.