• Individual Counseling
    Having trouble with friends/family?
    Struggling with school work or studying?
    Want to know more about your options after high school?
    Feeling anxious or depressed? 
    Or do you just need to vent?
    Students can request to see me to discuss a variety of issues and concerns. Problems outside of school can affect learning and concentration in school, so I will work with students to develop self awareness and create better coping skills. My goal is to create a positive environment where students feel comfortable sharing whatever is on their mind and, in turn, become more successful in school.
    College/Career Exploration
    Planning for post-secondary education and careers can feel overwhelming. I enjoy working with students as they explore their interests and career goals. Please see me if you would like to talk about your future!
    College Applications
    Need help navigating college applications? Stop in and I can help!
    If you are interested in joining the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, Coast Guard, or National Guard, please let me know so I can invite a recruiter to meet with you at school.