• English IV AP Literature and Composition

    Course Credit: 1 Unit Course Weight: 5.0 
    This college-level course provides an analytical and historical study of British and
    world literature in a comprehensive program of reading, writing, and critical thinking. As preparation to
    take the Advanced Placement Test in Literature and Composition, students read, discuss, analyze, and
    write about challenging works of recognized literary merit to develop honest, concise, and effective use of
    language and the ability to organize ideas in a clear, coherent, and persuasive way. Independent literary
    analysis and a total mastery of writing skills are goals of the course. Because this course meets the
    needs of academically gifted or highly motivated advanced students who hope to bypass introductory
    courses in composition and literature when they enter college, students in an AP course should expect
    assignments and instruction paced at the college level. Students are expected to take the English IV AP
    Literature and Composition Examination. The student may earn college credit for successful completion
    of the course and AP examination.
    Nuts and Bolts: