• Starting with Cinco de Mayo, we will be celebrating Spanish heritage by dressing in the colors that represent the 21 Spanish-speaking countries' flags. See the schedule below to plan your outfits to earn 3 points of extra credit for every day that you dress up in the designated colors. Have fun with it!





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  • Parents,
    You can have up-to-date access to your child's grades in all of his/her classes. Please visit this link that explains how to register with PowerSchool so you can keep track of your child's progress in all of his/her classes. Feel free to ask me if you have any questions or have trouble registering.
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  • Students: You will find that www.conjuguemos.com is a WONDERFUL resource for you as you continue learning Spanish all the way through high school and beyond.
    Please follow the directions below VERY CAREFULLY to make sure you are registered for the site and get credit for any practice you do at home.
    2. Under the purple tab that reads "School sign in", CLICK on the link that says "Not a member? Join us!"
    3. Click on the first orange tab that reads "Student registration" 
    4. You MUST type in the School ID which is 41483.
    5. Then type in a username and password of your choice.
    *I will be able to see these so make sure they are appropriate. 
    6. Type in your real first and last name and select "North Carolina" from the "School location" drop-down menu.
    7. Under Step 2 "Choose a Teacher," select my name "Señorita Webb" from the list of choices.
    8. Hit submit after you have selected my name and that's it. You should now be registered and the frog at the top of the page should say, "Hola" with your name after it.
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