• About Mrs. Harrelson 
    I am proud to say that I grew up right here in the AW community. I attended AW my kindergarten through fifth grade years then graduated from Southern High School in 1991. After receiving my Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education at UNCG the summer of 1997, I was excited to take a position at the same elementary school I attended. I first taught kindergarten for six years, then moved to first grade for four years and nine years teaching technology. I completed my Master's Degree in Instructional Technology in Education through NC STATE, in 2012. I am excited to start my twenty first year at AWE in my second year of fourth!
    I'm married and have two beautiful daughters.  When away from school I enjoy spending time with my family, camping and traveling to the mountains. I enjoy taking care of our small garden,  tending to our farm animals, going to the movies, reading, swimming, playing softball, photography and relaxing in the sun at the beach.
     My Family
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    My Colleges
    uncg             ncstate
                                                                               Class of 1997               Class of 2012