Do you know what the word etiquette means? Etiquette means manners. So can you guess what the word netiquette means?
    Think about it for a minute... Okay, here's a clue:
    Internet + etiquette = netiquette
    Figure it out yet? That's right! Netiquette means using manners when on the Internet. 
    Use good netiquette! This means use good manners on the Internet. Here are some basic rules to follow when communicating online:

    1.     Say only what you would say to a person’s face

    2.     Don’t use rude words

    3.     Do not embarrass or hurt other’s feelings

    4.     Be clear in your subject and your message

    5.     Check your spelling

    6.     Don’t type in UPPERCASE letters because it means you are SHOUTING!

    7.     Remember that people cannot see your face or hear your tone of voice, so use smiley emoticons so people will understand you better ;^)

    8.     Cool off before responding to messages in anger

    9.    Tell an adult if someone upsets you

    10.   REMEMBER: Anything you send or post online can be copied and pasted, then sent to someone else. Once it's out there, it's IMPOSSIBLE to get it back. So don't send or post anything that you wouldn't want your teachers, parents, coaches, and future employers or colleges admissions people to see.