• Tony Wagner's 21st Century Skills      2013-05-22_1603

    While the traditional standbys of character education will remain vibrant (as our Sylvan Vision Statement includes), the personal-social and career/college readiness domains are evolving along with the academic domain as we continue in The Common Core Curriculum.  To support your work on our SOAR Recognition Program, I, along with the help of my Student Service Team members, are developing a guidance curriculum to ensure that every Sylvan child understands the 21st Century skills and talents that we value. 


    These 21st Century Skills are presented in a succinct and brief 30-minute video by Tony Wagner and can be viewed at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NS2PqTTxFFc


    I have developed 15 self-reflecting questions for students to ask themselves when completing any task, learning center, or any other learning vehicle.  In our 21st Century Gallery located near the media center, these same questions are posted along with college and career options to help create inspired learning and aspirations.

    Tony Wagner's 7 Skills and the Accompanying Self-Reflecting Questions:

    Critical Thinking & Problem Solving

    1.    Am I doing this well?

    2.    How can I make this better?

    3.    What could this become?

    Collaboration & Leading by Influence

    1.    Do I respect others’ points-of-view on this?

    2.    What can I offer to lead this?

    Agility & Adaptability

    1.    Since things are always changing, what can I do to help this change?

    2.    What else can I learn about this?

    Initiative & Entrepreneurship

    1.    Which goals are simple and don’t STRETCH the limits for my team and me?

    2.    What are STRETCH goals I can create to grow this for my team and me?

    Effective Oral & Written Communication

    1.    Do I have clear thoughts about this BEFORE I begin writing?

    2.    Am I clearly articulating my point-of-view?

    Accessing & Analyzing Information

    1.    Where can I locate the best resources for this?

    2.    Of the information I now have, which is most important for this?  Why?

    Curiosity & Imagination

    1.    In which ways can I make this beautiful that others will want to see?

    2.    If there were no limits to this, what else could be done to make this better?