•  AIG Class Schedule



    2nd Grade ELA-Monday and Tuesday- 8:15-8:45

    2nd Grade Math- Thursday and Friday- 8:15-8:45


     3rd Grade ELA-Parrish- Monday and Tuesday 10:30-11:00

                                            Winn- Thursday and Friday 10:30-11:00

    3rd Grade Math- Parrish/Versace- Monday and Tuesday 12:30-1:00                                          Winn- Thursday and Friday 12:30-1:00

    4th Grade

    Snell ELA- Monday and Tuesday 8:50-9:30

    Snell Math- Monday and Tuesday 11:10-11:50 

    Schuler/Williams ELA- Thursday and Friday 8:50-9:30

    Schuler/Williams Math- Thursday and Friday 11:10-11:50



    4th Grade Accelerated ELA- Alternating with Math on Wednesday-ELA- A Week- 8:50-9:20 

    4th Grade Accelerated Math-B Week- 8:50-9:20 


    5th Grade



    Willingham ELA- Monday and Tuesday- 9:45-10:25

    Willingham Math- Monday and Tuesday- 1:30-2:10

    Csakany ELA- Thursday and Friday-9:45-10:25

    Csakany Math- Thursday and Friday- 1:30-2:10                       


    5th Grade Accelerated ELA

    ELA- A Week- Wednesday- 9:45-10:15

    Math- B Week- Wednesday- 9:45-10:15



    Third Grade Enrichment

    No third grade Enrichment at this time.