•  2013-2014 Supply List

    · Graphing Paper

    · Crayons or Colored Pencils  


    · Scissors 


    · Clipboard 



    · One 3–Ring Binder, 2 inches 


    · Dividers 


    · Pencils 


    · Highlighters 


    · Glue Sticks 


    · Wide Ruled Loose Leaf Paper 


    · 4 Composition Notebooks (these are used for ELA and SS too, not an additional 4) 


    · 1 box of EXPO dry erase markers 


    · Tissue=girls 


    · Hand Sanitizer=boys 


    · Disinfectant Wipes=girls 


    · Disinfectant Spray=boys 


    · Zip Loc Bags (small)=boys 


    · Zip Loc Bags (large)=girls 


    *All classes will use the last six items so each student  will need to contribute those items to the class, regardless of homeroom. Germs run rampant so lets do all we can to be healthy. Thank you so much for all you do!