• The ABSS MTSS Program Brochure can be downloaded from our FORMS section.


    PBIS: Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports

    We have wonderful students at Western Middle School, and we are currently in the process of building an improved means of rewarding and encouraging your child for the positive academic and citizenship decisions he/she makes on a daily basis.

    Students will have the opportunity to accumulate points to use as entrance into an end-of-grading period celebration. Points are earned each week by receiving as few infractions as possible and completing required assignments. Infractions are listed and initialed on a log within the planner.Items to know about the infraction log include:

    ·      Infractions are labeled so that you know the areas of concern

    ·     After 6 infractions,your child will receive an office referral, which will result in consequences at the discretion of the principal and assistant principal.  

    Most of all, we want to celebrate your child’s many successes and encourage all students in positive citizenship. You will notice WA stamps within the planner. These stamps recognize students when they are making wise choices and acting as positive role models.

    What does this mean for parents? Parents should:

    ·      Check planners in the evening for assignments,projects, tests, infractions, and stamps

    ·      Look at the learning targets in planners to be aware of what your child is accomplishing in each class

    ·      Talk to your child and ask questions

    ·     Call or email teachers to ask questions and give feedback; we are building this process and value your input!

    Whether your child is already consistently making good decisions each day or has areas in which to grow, we want him/her to continue to reach higher personal goals in academics and citizenship and receive recognition for his/her accomplishments.