• Ms. Howard Cummings High School Graduation Coach 

    My name is Briana Howard and I am elated to be a member of the Cavalier Family as the graduation coach!  Previously, I worked with high school students for a number of years in Guilford County.  I look forward to working with the students of Cummings High School helping them along as they travel their road to graduation.  I believe that all students can achieve success especially with the support of loving, caring adults in their lives!



    The Graduation Coach provides assistance to all high school students individually and in groups in regards to high school graduation and completion.  The Graduation Coach analyzes data to identify students or subgroups with the potential of not graduating on time.  She/he also plans, implements, and tracks individual high school graduation plans, identifies and resolves barriers to graduation, and facilitates career choices and planning.

    The Graduation Coach’s immediate focus is on at risk seniors and freshmen.  At risk seniors will attend night school facilitated by the Graduation Coach in order to help them get back on track.  At risk freshmen will be evaluated and put on an intervention plan as needed in order to keep them on track.

    The Graduation Coach will provide intervention services to any at risk sophomores and juniors as needed.

    Students with 3 or more of the following indicators will be identified as at risk:

    • Retention, and/or over-age for grade (2 or more years)
    • History of course failure (2 or more core classes-English, Math, Science, Social Studies)
    • Attendance problems/truancy (6 or more unexcused absences)
    • Discipline: Behavioral problems, history of suspensions (2 or more out of school suspensions)
    • Disengagement from school, low expectations, lack of extracurricular involvement


    I am elated to serve the students, parents, community, and stakeholders of Hugh M. Cummings High School as your Graduation Coach!