• English II CP - Spring, 2014
    Mr. Tyler Gatlin

    Course Overview

    English II is a course designed to build upon the foundation of reading and writing that was established in English I.  English II will help students refine the skills and tools acquired in English I.  Additionally, English II is designed to expose students to a variety of literature from various time periods around the world.

    Expectations of the Student

    There are certain things that I expect from every student I teach.  In a sense, you will get out of this class what you put into it.  With that in mind, I expect that all students will:
    •    Stay up to date on all reading assignments.
    •    Come to class prepared with all necessary materials.
    •    Be willing to share and express opinions and ideas.
    •    Be receptive and respectful of the opinions and ideas of others.
    •    Take notes of class discussions, and study those notes.

    Grading Policies

    Grades will be calculated as follows:
        Major tests, projects, and writing assignments:    40%
        Reading, grammar, and vocabulary quizzes:        20%
        Homework and Classwork :                                  20%
        Miscellaneous:                                                       20%

    •    Generally speaking, each unit will be accompanied by a major test, project, and writing assignment.
    •    Reading quizzes will always be unannounced and will be given randomly throughout the semester.  These quizzes are not designed to be difficult, but to insure students stay up to date with reading assignments.
    •    Vocabulary quizzes will be given weekly.  New words will be given to students each Friday, with the test for those words being given the following Friday.
    •    Grammar quizzes will be given bi-weekly to assess student’s understanding of concepts covered in class.

    •    Class participation is very important in this class.  The more a student actively participates and contributes in class, the more he or she will get out of the class. 
    All assignments are due on the date given at the beginning of class.  Assignments will have 10 points deducted per day late.


    Materials Needed

    The following materials are required:
    •    Binder with loose leaf paper and dividers – or – spiral bound notebook (3 subjects)
    •    Pens and pencils (blue or black ink only)
    •    Access to the internet (see me if this is an issue)
    •    Post-it notes (not required, but will come in handy)
    •    Colored pencils or markers (not required, but will come in handy)
    •    3x5 index cards (not required, but will come in handy)