24 Hour Crisis Hotline      336-513-4444

    Child Abuse Hotline          336-229-2908           1-888-543-1444

    Crossroads Crisis Line      226-228-0360

    Family Abuse Services      336-226-5982

    Kids Path Grief & Loss     336-532-0123

    Cardinal Health 336-513-4200


    Mental Health/Developmental Disabilities/Substance Abuse Services

    Alamance & Caswell Counties

    Phone Numbers


    Screening and Referral


    No Insurance or Medicaid, call (888) 543-1444



    Private insurance or NC Health Choice, call the insurance provider for the person/family at the number listed on the person’s insurance card.



    Search for a provider: http://www.cardinalinnovations.org/search/


    Crisis Services


    Access to services and 24-Hour Crisis Call Line, call (888) 543-1444.



    Advanced Access (Crisis Unit), call 336-513-4200 (8 a.m. – 8 p.m. Monday – Friday)

    Human Services Center, Suite E, 319 North Graham-Hopedale Road, Burlington, NC 27217.


    (Advanced Access is operated by Triumph in the old Health Education/Dental Clinic, which is in the brick building to the right of the Human Services Center’s main entrance.)



    Concerns/Complaints Call Line


    Call the concern line at (888)213-9687.


    (Callers may file grievances about services or providers. This may be done anonymously; in order to receive a return call, a name and phone number is required.)