When students arrive on campus after the normal school day has begun, they are expected to report to the main office and officially sign in to school and then report immediately to their assigned class.  Students who bring in a doctor's note supporting a morning appointment will not receive a tardy offense.





    If it is necessary for a student to leave school during the school day, he/she is to bring a note signed by the parents or legal guardian stating the reason, time to leave, and parent's phone number.  The note is to be shown to the teacher as the student’s pass to the office when the student needs to leave.  If the student forgets the note from home, call in permission from the parent is also allowed, however the student is to bring in proper documentation stating the reason for leaving on the next school day. The student should report to the Main Office and sign out at the time specified on the note and immediately leave campus. 


    Should a student become ill or sustain a major injury while at school, the parent will be called to take the student home or to secure permission for the student to drive home, ride home with another student, or be picked up by a trusted individual named by the parent.



    ** Once on campus a student may not leave without administrative & parent permission.