• Tardy to School 

    Students who arrive late to school after the school day has begun MUST report to the Main Office to officially sign-in on the computer.  Students are to report directly to class where they will present their teacher with the sign-in ticket printed from the computer.  Documentation for their tardy should be placed in the box below the Sign In/Out computer.


    * If a student comes into 1st block more than 5 minutes late, they should have signed in through the Main Office; if a student is less than 5 minutes late to 1st block (without a note) they will be marked unexcused tardy.

    ** Only students who are late to school sign in through the Main Office.


    Tardy to Class


    If a student is NOT in the classroom when the bell rings, he or she is tardy. If a student is more than five minutes late after the tardy bell rings (without a note from staff member/sign-in slip), this will be considered skipping.  The following interventions will take place for all tardies:
    • 1st & 2nd Tardy: Teacher Interventions/Consequences

                    Examples: Lunch detention, After school detention (30 minutes) with the teacher

    • 3rd Tardy: Parent contact by the teacher, including Teacher Interventions
    • 4th Tardy: Parent-Teacher Conference with an Administrator, including Teacher Interventions
    • 5th Tardy: Administrative referral by teacher for additional consequences

    *Note: Students MUST serve after school detention before they can report to an extracurricular activity.


    **Excessive tardies may result in revocation of parking privileges!!