• Final Exam Policy


    • Final exams will be administered the last 5 days of the semester - per NCDPI regulations.
    • Any student enrolled in a course with a state-mandated EOC (End-of-Course), CTE post-assessment must take the exam during the scheduled exam days at the end of each semester. Any student who does not sit for an EOC will NOT receive credit for the course and will NOT be eligible for summer school/credit recovery.
    • Students taking exams will remain in class during the entire exam period. The exam time is approximately four (4) hours. Parents should NOT check out their child during exams.
    • All exams will be taken at the scheduled time except for hardship cases that must be presented to the principal for approval.
    • Exam grades will count for 20% of the final semester grade for each course.
    • Exam exemptions may be earned and used only by Seniors. Seniors who are eligible to graduate may be exempt from final exams in classes where they have maintained an ‘A’ average for the whole semester with a teacher-made final. Seniors cannot be exempt from state EOC or CTE exams!

    Exam Make-ups: Students who are absent will need to make-up the exam on the specified make-up day!