• Class Rank Determination

    Class rank shall be comprised of grades earned during the student’s entire high school career. Grades transferred from other schools outside ABSS will be calculated using the ABSS ranking system. Grades earned in system-sponsored summer school, other principal-approved courses outside of ABSS, and principal-approved dual enrollment in programs offered at institutions of higher education shall be included to calculate class rank. 

    The student earning the highest cumulative weighted grade point average (GPA) in the each graduating class will be named the Valedictorian. The student earning the second highest GPA will be named the Salutatorian. This determination will be made at the end of the senior year. In the event of identical weighted GPAs, the principal shall name Co-Valedictorians or Co-Salutatorians. If Co-Valedictorians are named, no Salutatorian will be named. If Co-Salutatorians exist, there will be one Valedictorian and Co-Salutatorians. Students who graduate early will not be considered for the honor of Valedictorian, Salutatorian, or Top Ten.


    Class rank is determined using a weighted quality point average. Quality points for each course shall be equated as follows:

    A = 4pts                      B = 3pts                      C = 2pts                      D = 1pt                       F = 0


    For students taking honors or AP courses:  an additional .5 point will be added for Honors courses; one additional point will be added for AP courses.
    For example, a student who earns an A in an AP course would receive a weighted 5.0 grade for that course.  A student who earns an A in an Honors course would receive a weighted 4.5 grade.
    Honor Cords

    Honor cords are symbolic of a student's achievements throughout their academic and extracurricular career at Western Alamance High. Being a member of a particular school-based honor society or club, honor cords may be awarded based on merit defined by the organization and approved by the advisor. In addition, honor cord recognitions at the graduation ceremony must be approved by the principal and the senior graduation committee.


    National Honor Society

    The National Honor Society recognizes those students who have excelled in scholarship, leadership, character and service.  Membership is based on the following:

    • Student must meet the minimum GPA requirement; please reference the NHS webpage for more details.
    • Student must qualify in the areas of character, leadership, and service.


    Junior Marshal Program

    Students having outstanding academic performance in grades 9, 10, and 11 will be recognized as Junior Marshals to serve as guides for graduation activities. The top 10 students from the junior class will serve as marshals with highest ranked Junior serving as Chief Marshal.