• Student Responsibilities

    Western Alamance High School believes that high school students should take responsibility for their schoolwork and their behavior. The staff at Western firmly believes in respecting the dignity of all students and in delivering instruction in a professional manner. Students are expected to cooperate with teachers and staff members.  The following rules are to be followed by students:


    • NO cellphones are allowed in the classroom.
    • Book bags are discouraged in the classroom, but the final decision is up to the individual teacher.
    • NO skateboards of any kind are allowed on campus! (Including Heelys)
    • NO outside food & drinks are allowed on campus! (Home-made lunches allowed)
    • NO food or drinks from the cafeteria are allowed in classrooms & hallways!




    Students must report any accident that they have at school immediately (before leaving school) to their teacher, coach, or club sponsor who will fill out an Accident Report Form. If students get hurt when there is no teacher present, they must inform the Lead Secretary, Joni Murray, who will complete the form. Staff members are to report all accidents to Mrs. Murray.



    Hall Pass


    All students are required to wear a lanyard when leaving the classroom for any reason. This hall pass is to notify staff as to a student’s intended location and maintain safety on campus.  Staff members have the right to ask a student for their lanyard/hall pass anytime they are out of class during the school day.




    The Administration strongly believes in character education and the importance integrity plays in society today. Cheating is defined as “giving or receiving” assistance on academic work against the wishes & directions of the teacher. Plagiarism is defined as “stealing and passing off as one’s own ideas, words, or writings of another.”  If a teacher or staff member has evidence of cheating or plagiarism, the student may be referred to the administration for disciplinary action.