• Cafeteria – Breakfast/Lunch

    The school cafeteria offers both a breakfast and lunch program. Breakfast begins at 7:45 and ends at 8:05 each morning. Lunch times are scheduled to take place during 3rd period class; lunch times are scheduled by department. ALL food and drink is to be eaten in the cafeteria or the outside eating area (picnic tables). Students are to remain in the cafeteria or outside eating area for the entire lunch block. Students are NOT allowed in the Commons Area, academic buildings, walkways, or parking lots during lunch. Students are NOT allowed to leave campus for lunch, nor have food delivered to themStudents are not allowed to have fast food on campus. The meal prices for breakfast and lunch are as follows:


    Paid Breakfast: $1.50                                                         Paid Lunch: $2.60

    Reduced Breakfast: $0                                                        Reduced Lunch: $.40


    *If your family participates in the Free/Reduced Lunch program, please remember a new application MUST be completed every school year.
     ** The last day a student may use last year's status (2018-19) is October 8th...beginning October 9th students will be charged full price if they do not have an application on file.
    **New Board Policy on Charging Meals:  (Effective July 1, 2015) High school students will only be allowed to charge up to (5) reimbursable meals or no more than $12 total.  Once the fifth meal is charged, the high school student will not be allowed to charge additional meals until his or her account is fully paid.


    ***If your family is experiencing a recent economic hardship, please consider completing an application for the Free/Reduced Lunch program. Applications can be completed online at www.lunchapplication.com or paper copies are located in the Main Office, once completed please return to Mr. McKinney in the Cafeteria.



    Bottled Water, NOT water bottles, will be allowed during the school day.