• School Bus

    The ABSS Transportation Office is responsible for providing safe & efficient transportation for all students. Students MUST obey the following procedures when riding the bus:

    1.      Ride only the bus to which they are assigned

    2.      Refrain from loud talking, eating, drinking, or moving about while the bus is in motion

    3.      Understand they may not ride home with another student without prior approval from both students’ parents and the bus administration (Permission will NOT be given in the bus parking lot at the last minute!)


    Failure to obey rules may lead to bus suspension or further disciplinary action. If there are questions or concerns about riding a bus, contact Michelle Thompson – Assistant Principal by phone or email.


    Student Drop-off/Pick-up

    The school day begins at 8:10am; it ends at 3:15pm daily. The student drop-off/pick-up area is located at the end of E-building. Students may be dropped off no earlier than 7:45am; once the school day ends students should be picked up no later than 3:40pm. Prior to 7:45am & after 3:40pm, students MUST be under the supervision of a teacher or report to the Media Center. The Media Center is open from 7:45 AM to 4:00 PM to allow students computer access, or for homework help/tutoring. After 3:40 PM, students may be picked up in the Front Circle.


    Car Riders

    All car riders are to be dropped off and picked up on the WAHS campus at the end of E-Building. To access the student drop-off/pick-up area, cars should enter campus from Gerringer Mill Road entrance by the stadium/field house and follow the paved drive.
    NO students are to be dropped off or picked up at any other locations, on or off the WAHS campus.