• The following violations may result in the student’s loss of parking privileges:


    • Violation of school rules including, but not limited to, excessive tardies
    • Failure to follow established procedures for parking a vehicle on campus
    • Violation of speed limit
    • Failure to operate vehicle in a safe manner
    • Loitering in or around cars, in between classes or after school hours
    • Playing radio loudly on or around the campus
    • Going to a vehicle during school hours without permission from an administrator
    • Failure to maintain proper seating and/or vehicle capacity limits
    • Throwing litter from vehicles on or around campus
    • Causing disruptions by blowing horn or yelling
    • Failing to provide access to interior of car upon request by school official


    Driver’s License Legislation (NC State Law)

    Effective August 1, 1998, students under the age of 18 are required to present a Driving Eligibility Certificate to the Department of Motor Vehicles in order to receive a North Carolina Driver’s Permit or License. This certificate is issued by the school and can only be obtained if adequate academic progress is demonstrated. A student must pass three out of four courses taken each semester in order to retain his/her driver’s license. The Department of Motor Vehicles will be notified of all students who fail more than one course each semester. The DMV will then take the students’ licenses. Students can only retrieve their driver’s license after successful completion of the next semester. Summer school does count toward achieving the minimum requirement. Also, a student who drops out of school will lose his/her driver’s permit or license.