• To ensure a quality learning environment with regard to good manners, self-respect & respect for others, students are expected to wear ‘School Appropriate Clothing’ both during the school day and to all school-sponsored events including field trips, unless uniforms or other attire is specified.



    Types of Clothing



    • Must NOT reveal cleavage or undergarments!
    • All shirts must come down past the waistband of pants/shorts/skirts. 
    • NO revealing midriffs are permitted!!
    • NO more than three (3) buttons, at the neck, may be unbuttoned.
    • Shirts must not be altered by cutting, tearing, writing on, or have holes.
    • Sleeveless shirts will be allowed for females but they MUST be no less than a dollar bill width at the shoulder (4-finger width).
    • NO Tank tops, spaghetti straps, or backless shirts!! 


    Dresses / Skirts/ Shorts

    • Must be at or near the knee in length. (Includes dresses w/chiffon overlay)
    • The tops of dresses MUST follow the same guidelines for shirts/blouses.
    • Shorts and skirts must NOT be altered - NO cutting, tearing, writing on, and NO holes.
    • Skirts must NOT have slits higher than the knee.
    • NO short shorts and mini-skirts. (Length: At or near the knee)



    • Must be worn with the waistband at or above the waist. (NO undergarments should be visible)
    • Leggings/yoga pants/tights can be worn under shorts, skirts or dresses (MUST be approved length).
    • NO pajamas pants!!


    • Athletic shoes, sandals, or other appropriate footwear must be worn at all times.
    • Shoe closures and laces must be secured or tied at all times!
    • Bedroom slippers are NOT permitted.


    Coats and jackets
    • Oversized coats should be placed in your locker during the school day.
    • Lightweight jackets/pullovers are permitted throughout the school day.
    • ALL hoods must be removed upon entering any building.


    Accessories (including hats, doo-rags, scarves and bandanas)
    • NO headgear of any type (hats, doo-rags, scarves or bandanas) will be allowed on campus at any time.
    • NO sunglasses are to be worn inside any building on campus.
    • The following can be considered weapons and are NOT permitted:
      • Chains, metal studs, spikes, oversized jewelry, and heavy belt buckles


    Excessively tight clothing is NOT permitted.

    • NO clothing and accessories with words or images that depict the following will be allowed:
    • Alcohol
    • Drugs (including Hemp plant logos)
    • Tobacco use
    • Gang affiliation
    • Violence
    • Sexual innuendo
    • Racism
    • Racial/sexual degradation