Welcome to the Food and Nutrition 2 class.

    Course Description

    This course focuses on advanced food safety and sanitation with special emphasis on students taking the exam for the ServSafe® credential from the National Restaurant Association. Students will also experience the cross-section of nutrition science and food preparation, while building skills for an expanding range of career opportunities. Emphasis is placed on health and social responsibility while improving the way people eat. Students explore food protection, nutrients, life cycle nutrition, sports nutrition, medical nutrition therapy, and American and global food ways.

    Class Supplies Needed:                                                                                                                                                                                      

    1 Spiral Notebook & Rolls of Scotch Tape     Notebook Tape

     (Single Subject PLASTIC covered notebook)


    *Interactive student notebook will be periodically graded and count as

     a major test grade.  


    Teacher Wishlist:



    A vital part of 21st century skills is maintaining open communication. I use www.remind.com (text app) to communicate with students.   

    This class will be largely technology focused with students often completing work digitally on Google Classroom. We will use class time to get signed up for the Remind app and Google Classroom. I encourage all parents and students to reach out via e-mail with questions or concerns. Kelly_Westbrook@abss.k12.nc.us

    Expectations run higher, as this is a level 2 class. I will do anything to help you be successful as long as you are willing to help yourself and put forth the effort. 

    Honors: Ask Mrs. Westbrook about signing up for Food & Nutrition 2 at the HONORS level.

    I look forward to an awesome semester!

    -Mrs. Kelly Westbrook

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