CCR (Success Habits) Unit Plan


For those that are teaching the PBiS/College & Career Readiness lesson plans during Focus:


All lessons are SMARTNotebook lessons.  They are linked under the Faculty & Staff header on the SAM homepage.  Please review the lessons BEFORE you present them during Focus.  That way, I can clear up any questions or assist you as needed.  Directions for each lesson are within the Smart Notebook file.  If you lessons 1-6 from years past, you do not need to download them again.  They are large files so if you haven't downloaded them, leave yourself time to do so.  Unit outline is here SMARTBoard screenshots

During each lesson students will need paper and pencil.  All required copies will be made for and given to you.  The lessons should start Tuesday, 9/13 and conclude by Friday, 9/23 (this last day is a catch-up or filler day).  

Please let me know what questions or concerns you have!  Thanks!


Tuesday, 9/13

Focus CCR Lesson Day 0 Pre-Assessment and Extras.notebook (new for 2016-17)

This file includes the following: 
  • Directions to the online pre-assessment (link is on SAM homepage under Students header as "CCR Success Assessments").  This should take students a max of 10 minutes.  For 7th and 8tth, this should be completed either before or after the screeners.  For 6th graders, please complete anytime you have computers between now and the Day 1 CCR Focus lesson.  If you cannot squeeze it in, it’s okay.  We’re aiming to have as many as possible.  

  • Optional time-fillers:  Word search, crossword & key, THINK activity, Happy song reflection.  Use these any time during the CCR Unit that you have extra time.

Wednesday, 9/14 and Thursday, 9/15
Focus CCR Lesson Days 1-2 Organization.notebook  (same as previous years)
Separate this notebook into two lessons however your class needs.  All slides should prompt teacher-led class discussion.  Day 2 will have time at the end of Day 2 to organize their school materials so remind students at the end of Day 1 to bring all their school "stuff" with them the next day.  In other words, students will all need their backpacks during Focus on Thursday, as the major activity of the lesson will be a reorganizing of every child’s backpack.
Friday, 9/16 and Monday, 9/19 
Focus CCR Lesson Days 3-4 Goals.notebook  (same as previous years)
Separate this notebook into two lessons however your class needs but do not get to slide 15 until Tuesday when all students will have received their progress reports.  All slides should prompt teacher-led class discussion.  Copies of the accompanying worksheet (Slice of Life and My Last Progress Report activities) will be given to you.
In your weekly communication to parents, tell them to ask about the reflection activity.  

Options for Progress Report Reflection sheet that student completed on Day 4:

1- Have students staple into agenda or place in binder or tape to cubby.

2- Collect and pass back out at next progress report and report card.

*  The intent is to make the goal-setting activity meaningful by encouraging students to monitor their progress towards their goals!


Tuesday, 9/20 and Wednesday, 9/21

Focus CCR Lesson Days 5-6 Study Skills Part I.notebook  (same as previous years)

Focus CCR Lesson Days 5-6 Study Skills Part II.notebook  (same as previous years)
*  Separate these notebook files into two days however your class needs- it's only in two parts because the files are so large.  All slides should prompt teacher-led class discussion.  Geometric Magic directions will be given to you.  A breakdown of sections is below.  
1) Succeed in class- success tips 1-10
2) Take good notes
3) Study smart
4) Be a good test taker
5) Know how to read a textbook


Thursday, 9/22 

Focus CCR Lesson Days 7 Self-Advocacy.notebook  (new for 2016-17 year)

*  All slides should prompt teacher-led class discussion.  Fit in what you can.  The main message is that students feel connected and can talk to at least one adult at school.  Have student complete the post-assessment (same link under “Students” header on the SAM homepage) when you have computers at some point before 9/30.  

Friday, 9/23

Use this day to catch up if you haven’t finished the lessons.  If the unit is complete, you may reserve computers to have students complete the post-assessment or fill the time with some of the optional activities in Day 0’s lesson.