Each week, students will have homework in reading, science and math. All homework is placed in a black 2-pocket folder with the student's name on the front cover. For students with support plans, the homework plan may look slightly different than listed below.
    Inside the black folder, there is a sheet protector with the instructions for how to complete the homework. Students will get their reading passage on Monday morning. Reading homework is due on Friday.
    • Monday night, students will read the passage and complete a vocabulary practice activity.
    • Tuesday, students will make notations in the passage to help understand it. 
    • Wednesday, students re-read the passage and answer the questions.
    • Thursday, students have the chance to read a book of their choice and complete an activity.
    Students should be independently reading over the weekend and holiday/intercession breaks. A reading log may be given over breaks.
    Inside the folder, you will also find a science worksheet for the week. Science work is due Friday.
    • Monday night, students create illustrations for the vocabulary that week will cover.
    • Tuesday night, students will write sentences with their science vocabulary.
    • Wednesday night, students answer questions relating to what we are covering in science.
    Math homework will also be included in the folder. There will be 5-8 problems to complete each night Monday-Thursday that relate to what students have already learned.
    All homework may be checked at any time during the week, but will not be collected until Friday. Students who have not completed the work by Friday will find their old work plus new homework in their folders Monday mornings.
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