Frequently Asked Questions

  •  1. Q. Can home school students compete in athletics at what would be their home school?

        A. No, students must be enrolled at the school in which they wish to compete athletically.


    2. Q. If my child attends Alamance Burlington School System Middle College, can he or she participate in athletics?

        A. Yes, the student/athlete may participate in athletics at their home school.


    3. Q. How many classes must a student/athlete pass to be eligible to compete in athletics?

        A. High school students must pass 3 out of 4 classes each semester to maintain eligibility. Middle school students must pass all 4 core classes and 1 elective the previous semester to maintain eligibility.


    4. Q. How many days of school can my child miss and still maintain athletic eligibility?

        A. Both high school and middle school are obligated to be present for 85% of the previous semester which means they can miss 13.5 days and still maintain eligibility.


    5. Q. Are days of suspension counted when determining if the attendance criteria has been met when determining eligibility?

        A. All days recorded as absences are counted towards the 13.5 days students are allowed to miss and still maintain eligibility.


    6. Q. Can my child compete in athletics without a physical examination by a licensed physician?

        A. All student/athletes must have a completed physical before they are allowed to compete in athletics. Physicals are good for 365 days.


    7. Q. My child's grandparents own a home near another school I would like for my child to attend; can I use their address  for enrollment and athletic eligibility?

        A. Eligibility is based on the domicile of the parents, so this would not be permitted.


    8. Q. What's the cutoff age limit to be able to compete in high school athletics.

        A. The student athlete must not turn 19 before August 31st.


    9. Q. How many semesters of eligibility will my child have to compete in athletics at the middle school level.

        A. Student athletes have 6 semesters to compete in athletics at the middle school level upon initial entry into the 6th grade. 


    10. Q. Can a student convicted of a felony compete in athletic at his or her home school?

         A.  No, any student athlete convicted of a felony is ineligible for athletic competition.