• **Kindergarten supply list - No book bags with wheels

    1    1 inch 3  ring binder (plain cover preferred, no characters please)

    1    book bag large enough to hold a binder; please label it with your child’s name. NO rolling backpacks allowed.

    1    poly/plastic folder with 3 pre-punched holes (no prongs) and with 2 pockets (folder must have 3 holes so it can be

    placed in binder rings.  Paper folders rip and do not last.

    2    boxes of 24 crayons (Crayola works the best – no larger boxes please) 

    12  glue sticks

    1    box of tissues

    1    bottle of antibacterial hand sanitizer (the kind that does not require water)

    1    package of colored dry-erase markers (Expo brand preferred)

    1    pair of Fiskars scissors - rounded tip (Fiskars brand seems to work the best and are more comfortable for children)

    1    box of quart-sized or 1 box of gallon-sized (Ziploc or other brand of plastic bags

             with a plastic slider at the top)

    1    tub/pkg of baby wipes

    1    plastic pencil box (5” x 8” preferred – not the real large or real small one)

    1    70 page wide ruled spiral notebook

    1    pack of (12) yellow #2 pencils – plain pencils (no designs/characters please)

    A change of clothing to keep on hand (Shorts and pants for all types of weather), including underwear and socks to keep on hand if needed.  Please put your child’s items in a gallon-size bag and label the bag with your child’s name.

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