• Welcome to Third Grade Belugas!
    My name is Ashley Barker and this is my ninth year teaching at A.O.  I love calling A.O home!  I am a graduate of North Carolina Agricultural and Technical University with a Master's Degree in Instructional Technology.  I can't wait to meet the new belugas!  We will have a great year!!  
    Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns you may have.

    3rd grade supply list – NO book bags with wheels or trapper keepers/3-ring binders

    Please send in brand names when specified.  They tend to last longer and hold up better than the others.                                                                                               

     1   pair Fiskars scissors                                                                    

    2   packs notebook paper

    3   12-packs of #2 Dixon Ticonderoga pencils                                

    1   box of 24 count crayons   

    1   large pink eraser or pencil cap erasers                                       

    1 pair earbud headphones

    1    regular pencil box (x-large boxes will not fit in desk, no bags)    

    2   boxes of Kleenex tissues

    2   plastic two-pocket (no prongs) folders for class work                  

    2   rolls of paper towels (optional)

    1  packages of 4-5 Expo dry erase markers                                               

    1   canister of Clorox wipes (optional - girls)

    8 Elmer’s glue sticks                                                                       

    1    package baby wipes (optional – boys)

    1  bottle hand sanitizer                                                                       


    Classroom needs:  baby wipes, Ziploc-type bags (snack, pint, quart, or gallon size), a pack of bright colored duplicating paper teacher.