• There are many ways to back up your files...

     1. You can save to a flash drive  
          The good: It is pretty easy, and flash drives are pretty cheap
          The Bad:  It is so so very easy to loose a flash drive
          The Ugly:  Flash drives can transmit malware and viruses between computers
    2. You can save to google drive
           The good: It is free and included with your gmail. Great for collaborative work.
            The bad: It has limited space (especially for large graphics files) It really works best with google docs.
    3. You can save to iCloud
           The good: Many people already have this (included with apple phones)
             The bad: Limits space, and file type. It is not free without a iPhone
    4. You can save to DropBox
    https://db.tt/Lh61M3ZU  (click link to set up an account)
           The good: It is free, and can hold a lot of files. You can get more free storage if you get friends to add dropbox!
          The bad:  You do have to try to add more storage. There is not enough with the basic account. (but add a few                         friends... :)