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    School supplies  


    Please check this list carefully. It might be slightly different than the grade level list. It has been modified to meet our storage needs. . If you have already purchased supplies, it is ok.   Please keep extras at home.  When supplies run low, I will send a note home that your child or the class is looking for additional supplies.  

    Please do NOT send three-ring binders. 


    Thank you in advance for sending in supplies and wish list items.   I know the beginning of the year can be expensive and I greatly appreciate your donations!




    Orca School Supplies


        3 packs of #2 Dixon Ticonderoga Pencils

              (This brand is a bit expensive but does not get eaten by the sharpener as easily.)

               Please do NOT send the coated pencils with all of the cute designs.  As cute as they are, our pencil sharpener will NOT sharpen them. 

       8 glue sticks

       1 regular size pencil box (Please do not send small ones. They do not hold supplies well.)

       2 plastic two pocket folders (NO prongs)

       1 pair of scissors

       1 box of 24 count crayons (These may need to be replaced as the year goes.)

       1 pink eraser or top cap erasers

       1 pack of 4 fat Expo dry erase markers.  Black is preferred. 

       1 old (clean) sock for our white boards (If you have extra missing socks, we could use them.)

       1 box of Kleenex (We may need to ask again during the cold season for extras.)

       1 pack of notebook paper

       1 pair earbud headphones or SMALL headphones (we don’t have a lot of storage space in desks)

       2 rolls of paper towels (optional)

       1 canister of Clorox wipes to keep the germs away (optional-girls)

       1 package baby wipes (optional-boys) 

       1 bottle hand sanitizer (optional)


    Orca Wish List

    The following items are not required but would be extremely appreciated and useful in our classroom:

    -playground equipment (balls, jump ropes, etc.)

    -gift cards to use later (Barnes and Noble, Amazon, Target, Wal-Mart, Michaels, Hobby Lobby))

    -individually wrapped candy for the sweet spot jar

    -colored cardstock

    -board games for indoor recess and behavior incentives


    *Also throughout the year, we will be asking for donations of household items to use during our STEM activities.




    *Also throughout the year, we will be asking for donations of household items to use during our STEM activities.


  • Welcome to Class Dojo!


    This year we will be using Class Dojo as a behavior incentive in our classroom.  Students earn negative and positive points for classroom behaviors and work habits.  They will set weekly goals and their points will be used as dollars to purchase coupons from our Dojo Store.   I will introduce this program to the children on the first day of school.  You can access this information by using the signup paper I sent home in the back to school packet. 

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    SeeSaw Digital Journals


    Want to know what your child is up to at school?   We will be using SeeSaw as a digital portfolio to collect and show off our work.  You can download the app and get notifications when your child posts a product.  You can even send them some love during the day to tell them how awesome their work is!  There will be a paper going home with them in the first few days of school once they have added themselves to our class.  



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  • You can now order books online when we have class book orders. 


    Our class code is FPNYN.  
    For those of you who prefer the old way, I will continue to accept checks made out to Scholastic Books also.


  • Oreo  Our class has an adopted orca named Oreo.  We will learn about her and her family throughout the school year. 
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