• Policies

    For detailed information about selection criteria and selection policies, including the evaluation of gifts, please refer to ABSS School Board Policy Section 3200B, "Selection of Supplementary [Instructional] Materials."



    Students visit the media center for class instruction once a week. They learn information-literacy skills, including the research process, the ethical use of information, and how to use data to gather and share information. The media specialist works with classroom teachers to integrate information skills with content taught in the classroom. Students will also explore authors, genres, and book appreciation during media instruction time.
    The library is open for browsing and checkout between 7:30 and 8:00. Students in grades 3-5 may visit the media center throughout the day for self-checkout, beginning in early October. Students in Grades 2-5 may check out two items at a time; kindergartners and first graders check out one book at a time.