• On Mondays, homework will be sent home in the planner and homework folder. There will be nightly reading for 15 minutes and a weekly written response, and few math problems linked to the Common Core Standards. The written component of the homework is linked directly to the assessments required by the state of NC.
    Homework should not take longer than 25 minutes. I will collect all the homework on Fridays.  Please help your child become a responsible student by completing the weekly homework. 
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  • Your child is expected to read nightly. A response sheet is to be completed and should be returned to school on Friday. Please take note that some questions will not be appropriate for all books- be sure to answer the questions thoroughly.
    This practice with reading and writing is to ensure that your child will be prepared for the expectations of all our readers- to read with fluency, understand text and then respond to it with thoughtful written answers. The second grade teachers have designed the response questions to be similar to the ones we complete in class and that are used during a formal assessment created by the state of North Carolina.
    If you have questions about this, feel free to email me.
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    Dates To Know!
    *August 19- Meet the Teacher 1:30-2:30 & 3-4:305pm (Come see me! Bring your supplies and your favorite picture of yourself)
    *August 23- First Day of School!
    *September 6- No School! Labor Day
    *September 20- No School -Teacher Workday
    *October 8- No School -Teacher workday
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  • Behavior Management
    Our Classroom Management will be consistent throughout the school. All classrooms will work on a color coded spectrum.  
    In our classroom the goal is to stay on GREEN! If a student is "caught and recognized" for going ABOVE and BEYOND, he or she will move their "stick" up to Yellow, Orange or Red this will result in receiving a Gold Star coupon, a trip to the Candy box and a gumball.
    For students who are not being respectful, being responsible, or being safe by following school or classroom rules, the stick will be moved down to Blue, Purple, or Pink. Consequences include silent lunch, walking laps, and if moved to pink and office visit with Mr. Wells. 
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