• Due May 1st

    Posted by Kimberly Denning on 4/27/2015
    Character Trait
    We all are built of character.  Some traits are good and some are character defects (not so good).  What is your strongest character trait?  Tell me why and how this trait will help you through life.
    3-5 Sentences
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  • Due April 10th

    Posted by Kimberly Denning on 4/7/2015
    If you could be anything when you grow up....What would it be and WHY?????
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  • Due April 2nd

    Posted by Kimberly Denning on 3/30/2015
    Should students have to wear uniforms to school?
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  • Due March 27th

    Posted by Kimberly Denning on 3/23/2015
    Should school hours be changed from
    8am-2:35pm(early morning)  to 12pm-6:35pm(afternoon)?
     3-5 Sentences & Capital Letters
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  • Due March 20th

    Posted by Kimberly Denning on 3/18/2015
    What was your favorite part of the field trip to Grandfather Mountain and Linville Caverns?  Explain why it was your favorite.  3-5 sentences
    Image result for grandfather mountainImage result for linville caverns nc
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  • Due March 20th

    Posted by Kimberly Denning on 3/9/2015
    Read the article below...This is a current event and completely TRUE!

    A Dutch business owner is looking for people who want to live on Mars.

    He believes that with proper preparation, a human settlement can exist on the Red Planet. He said the settlement would provide valuable information for those who support and study life beyond Earth.

    The project is called Mars One and nearly 80,000 people–including 35 Canadians–have applied to start a new life on Mars.

    Those who are chosen to go would set up a colony, similar to a city.

    Supplies for the colony will be sent to Mars beginning in 2016. The first four settlers are scheduled to be transported to Mars in 2023.

    After two years, four more people would be sent to join them.

    People would continue to settle on Mars until the total became 20. By that time, Mars One says that the colony would be self-sufficient. That means they would be able to take care of themselves and continue to build the settlement on their own.

    So far, no human has ever visited Mars and critics say that Mars cannot support human life.

    But the people who run the Mars One project are confident that it can happen. And within two weeks, 80,000 others have said they feel the same way.

    Even Chris Hadfield, former commander of the International Space Station, who just returned to Earth after five months in space, has shown interest. He said he would be honored to go to Mars.

    The project will be filmed for a reality television series to help pay the costs of the project.

    BLOG Question:
     If you were offered a one way ticket to Mars would you go?  Why or Why not? (At least 5 Sentences)
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  • Due Feb. 27th

    Posted by Kimberly Denning on 2/23/2015
    Image result for sports for kids
    Do you think it should be mandatory (required) for students to participate in an after school activity such as cheerleading, football, basketball, art, photography, hockey, dance, chorus, and so many others? 
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  • Due Feb 13th

    Posted by Kimberly Denning on 2/9/2015
     Must Include:
    3-5 Sentences
    Correct Punctuation
    Do you think schools should be split into schools for only girls and schools for only boys?
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  • Due Feb. 6th

    Posted by Kimberly Denning on 2/2/2015
    Should elementary age kids have cell phones?  Why or Why not?
    Must be:
    3 sentences
    capital letters and punctuation
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  • Due January 30, 2015

    Posted by Kimberly Denning on 1/26/2015
    Should schools replace teachers with computers?
    Must be 3 sentences with correct punctuation. 
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